Red Alliance - HOODLUM

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Red Alliance is an atmospheric game with same-sex games with half-dead, with elements of horror. 21st century, Eastern Europe, repressive regime. The country fell into the lie that the mysterious Dr. Gray had spread — an ambitious scientist seeking to control his mind through his illegal research. Under the pretext of an outbreak of the disease, mercenaries were hired by him to maintain order and control over civilians with whom society was oppressed. When the game starts, you play as the main character.

Endless Legend Inferno v1.6.10 - PLAZA

Endless Legend Inferno Game Free Download Torrent
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Endless Legend Inferno is a multi-scale game in the strategy genre where you will learn about the confrontation of eight different powerful civilizations that will fight to the last for domination on the planet. You will have a unique opportunity to choose between the eight civilizations, which you must then lead to victory. Go to the study of the planet, find and extract useful resources, and also do not forget to pump your skills and abilities in every possible way to defeat even the worst opponent. In addition, engage in scientific research and develop gradually your magical abilities. You are given a small piece of land on which you will justify the whole city. Try to place your possessions so that they are as close as possible to the sources of minerals. Additionally, it is possible to cross various crosses.

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Dark and Light Shard of Faith - SKIDROW

Dark and Light Shard of Faith Game Free Download Torrent
​The fantasy MMO sandbox Dark and Light from the Chinese company Snail Games has received a free major addition called Shard of Faith. Addition added to the game a new location Garardeth’s Shard, which will double the size of the game world. Also, players will be able to face the representatives of the ancient race Gaia, or create their own character of this race. In addition, the game added new enemies, weapons and magic taming system. Many mechanics have been improved, including the Quest system, the knowledge system.​

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim v1. (Special Edition) - ALI213

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Game Free Download Torrent
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Role-playing game, with which many have already met, now has a sequel. To download The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim torrent this game product, and enjoy an exciting and addictive game, you need to perform just a couple of moves. The Kingdom, of which you have already heard, is currently in a very difficult situation, and can split at any moment. After all, the ruler has not been chosen, and each of the candidates wants to take the main place, and as soon as possible. The war is coming, and much depends on you.

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Green Hell v0.2.0 (upd.10.10.2018) - SKIDROW

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Green Hell — the events of the surreal action game Green Hell from the company Creepy Jar unfold in the deep jungle of the Amazon, where the human foot has not trod. Actually, because of its obscurity for people, this place was called a green hell. Probably, even because everyone who came into these thickets did not return back. The game is a traditional representative of survival-action with the open world. The game is exclusively single. It has two modes: plot and free. In the plot we will reveal for ourselves the character of the protagonist, and we will also receive information about why he nevertheless arrived in the jungles of the Amazon. Free mode is pure sand-box «survival» with random generation of some objects.

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Ancestors Legacy Build 53219 - CODEX

Ancestors Legacy Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Ancestors Legacy — real-time strategy about medieval Europe from the creators of the controversial ekshena Hatred. In Ancestors, you will be able to lead one of four playable factions: Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Germans or Slavs. Your task will not only be the looting of the rivals' camps, but also the provision of thoughtful tactical superiority with the use of the mechanic of shelters, experience and morality. The game combines the classic for the genre of resource management and the mechanics of building bases with large-scale real-time battles based on the management of detachments. The visual quality of the battles is provided by the engine Unreal Engine 4.

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Hinterhalt 2 v1.03 - PLAZA

Hinterhalt 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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Hinterhalt 2 — simple in its performance and available to everyone the game, which is executed in the style of strategy, and the actions take place in real time. You find yourself in the most terrible and bloody events of the Second World War. Here you have to take control of the army, with which you will conquer more and more lands. In order to always be in a winning position in relation to the enemy, you will build underground tunnels, strengthen them in every way and create numerous bases to prepare for the next battle.

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Overkills The Walking Dead - SKIDROW

Overkills The Walking Dead Game Free Download Torrent
Overkills The Walking Dead — an incredibly cool action, made in the style of the zombie apocalypse. Plague without any problems can turn any person into a walking mass, to expect from which something good is not worth it. Plague is spreading all over the world and nobody knows what to do with it. I would like to note that the central characters are entered immediately by four heroes. Each of them has unique abilities and its own background.
This game will soon be available for download on our website. This is only the announcement of the game, where you can see the screenshots, watch the trailer and read the description.

Stick Fight The Game v1.2.07 (upd.10.10.2018) - SiMPLEX

Stick Fight The Game Game Free Download Torrent
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For a good and fun action, the schedule is not important, as demonstrated by the new multiplayer game «Stick Fight The Game». You control a man, consisting of sticks, the so-called stickman. All you need is to impress your opponent effectively. Because of the spectacular physics of combat, the game is simply mesmerizing, and thanks to the insane cards Stick Fight: The Game will present many ridiculous moments.

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Dream Car Builder v37.2018.10.09.0 - SKIDROW

Dream Car Builder Game Free Download Torrent
Dream Car Builder is a detailed car designer. The player is given the opportunity to design his own car, and all the main parts of the car, from the suspension to the steering, will have to be designed. Dream Car Builder is perfect not only for entertainment, but also for a clear understanding of how the car works. To create at least a more or less riding prototype, will have to try hard.

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