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A small candle can burn for 10 seconds to find a way out of the darkness in search of light. Candleman The Complete Journey is an adventure quest with a unique gameplay and storyline. The player plays the role of a candle that can only burn for 10 seconds, find a way out of traps and confusion, wade through the light and darkness. Touch the incredible atmosphere of the game, in which you need to wade through the darkness in search of light, find all the treasures hidden in a realistic tale.

This game has been updated 10-04-2018, 14:15 to the latest version v20180410.


Outlast 2 v1.0.17518.0 (GOG) - SKIDROW

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​After the success of the horror game Outlast, studio Red Barrels announced the second part of the game and promised players a new frightening story. Outlast 2 is also a psychological horror game from the first person. You will play for Blake Langermann, a journalist who, along with his wife, also a journalist, is ready to take any risks for the sake of another investigation. This time the case of the murder of a pregnant woman Jane Doe will lead the player into the desert of Arizona. Actions will quickly twist and immerse the player into a light madness, to escape from which it will be extremely difficult.​